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CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

CCTV has many uses and can be specifically installed to tackle areas of concern or highlight areas of improvement – CCTV provides solutions for your needs.

Numberplate recognition

CCTV Solutions - ANPR Automatic Numberplate Recognition

CCTV is being used to heighten security by capturing who is entering your premises.  Providing the ability to monitor & control the access of vehicles to your site

Some examples where Numberplate recognition cameras are being used: Petrol Forecourts, Car Parks, Industrial Estates, Hotels, Hospitals, Vehicle Compounds and remote sites

Use ANPR to:

  • Allow Authorised vehicles to enter and denied unauthorised vehicles
  • Count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the car park
  • Statistical information can be drawn from this data


Covert Cameras

CCTV Solutions - covert CamerasCovert Cameras are ideal if you need to monitor items or people secretly. Hidden (covert) cameras are concealed to suit your needs.

According to Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011 – Retail shrinkage rose to 1.37% of sales – CCTV helps to reduce this for you.

We offer installed covert surveillance packages from £575 plus VAT to include DVR, Camera, Secured Key lock, SD card reader, 2 x SD cards and software for playback on PC. Installation can be arranged out of hours.

“On the first day after installation systematic theft was found and evidence provided by the covert system. We now have at least one covert camera system at all our locations”


Video Analytics

Video Analytics offers more from your CCTV by Reducing the time required to analyse footage and provide usable information & evidence in no time. Video Analytics offer many solutions and is Essential for Proactive Video Surveillance including:

  • Virtual Trip Wire – detecting when objects (people, vehicles) stray into a prohibited area
  • People / Vehicle counting
  • Converting people – detecting a build up of people or ques
  • Missing object – monitor objects and record if an object is removed
  • Tailgating – detects when a person or vehicle follow too close possibly gaining illegal entry

Aimetis Symphony Video Analytics

Process Monitoring

Video Monitoring systems provide a tool for businesses to assess their processes. It allows either real-time or recorded footage to review operations. Different areas can be monitored but a few examples include:

  • Analyse plant stoppage, speed & poor utilisation
  • Lower manning levels by allowing a single operative to monitor multiple locations
  • Assessment to create safer working environments
  • Look at efficiency & KPI performance

We understand production processes and can help you identify areas and advise the appropriate equipment and location of cameras. With our experience we are strongly placed in the CCTV industry to assist implementing an effective production monitoring solution. We offer a free initial survey of your operations