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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras
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Selecting the correct CCTV camera for an application is one of the most critical decisions when designing a surveillance solution. Get the choice of CCTV camera wrong and you will not achieve the overall design objectives. Firstly consideration needs to be given to camera performance including image resolution and quality, range and angle of view, maximum and minimum lighting levels etc. Where there are high levels of contrast in the image a CCTV camera with wide dynamic range may be required, and similarly in poor lighting levels digital noise reduction will improve image quality. Next environmental conditions need to be considered; is it indoors or outdoors, does it need to be vandal resistant, does it need to see both day and night? CCTV Cameras are available with good low light capability, but no camera will see in total darkness and consideration may need to be given to supplementary lighting, be it visible or infra red. Some applications require the use of covert cameras; these can be in the form of PIR sensors, smoke detectors, clocks etc or can be miniature cameras hidden in fixtures or fittings. Finally, of equal importance to selecting the correct camera is determining its most effective location to achieve the desired results.

The increasing use of Network CCTV cameras have opened up a whole new dimension in possibilities with improvements in image quality, resolution and intelligence in the camera itself. Many network cameras employ progressive scan which improves image quality, particularly for moving objects, in comparison to the interlace scan used by conventional cameras. Similarly network cameras introduce the possibility of megapixel cameras and a number of manufacturers are now offering cameras up to 5 megapixels while Avigilon, the leading HD solutions provider, offering cameras up to twentynine megapixels. The benefits of megapixel cameras in terms of image quality are obvious and while they require larger amounts storage this is now less of a problem with the falling cost and increased size of hard drives.

We supply both analogue and network cameras from all of the leading manufacturers including: ACTi, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dallmeier, Grundig, IQEye,  Hikvision, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony and Vivotek.

As a specialist CCTV company we can advise you on the most appropriate cameras and locations to meet the requirements of your particular application.

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