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Leisure & Hotel CCTV

Leisure & Hotel CCTV

Hotel CCTV

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Leisure & Hotel CCTV and Access Control

Protection for your hotel, gym or restaurant with Vuetek CCTV and Access Control Systems

Video monitoring has become an important part of the business world. How does your business fit into this? Do you need advice on how much security you need?

– how many cameras?

– where they are to be positioned?

–  what will they monitor?

– how long to record and store?

– what quality and price level?

Vuetek offer free surveys and advice based on individual business needs. Whether you have a small cafe and need a door entry point or a large hotel CCTV system we have experience and knowledge to offer.


  • Monitor entrance and exits 
  • Track personal property
  • View Car park theft
  • View loss of revenue to the business (i.e. at Bars)
  • View stock thefts
  • Accidents / Incidents or Misuse of equipment in fitness suites / general areas
  • Health & Safety incidents
  • Proximity cards for secure doors


  • Increased safety of staff and guests
  • Discourages disturbance and theft
  • Protect investment of premises & property
  • Creates safer environment for guests and staff 
  • Remote log-in to view your business while off-site via PC or mobile
  • Prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas
  • Reliable recording to use as evidence
  • Maintain productivity


  • Create safe and open environments by remove unwelcoming barriers and installing CCTV
  • Record the whole event to understand the cause of incidents and reduce the recurrence
  • Educate staff about the security procedures and policies to increase responsibility of all
  • Ensures measures are in place in the event of a problem
  • User-friendly systems for administrators rather than security professionals
  • Excellent search features for recorded footage generally not watched live

Why Vuetek stand out from the crowd:

  • Over 15 years experience
  • In-house designers advise you to secure your premises and design systems specifically for your requirements
  • Professional installers minimise disruption
  • Training provided
  • Support to play back incidents
  • After care maintenance offered
  • Reliable service provider – read more from testimonials

We offer:

  • Free on-site equipment demonstration
  • Advice & Support
  • Premises specific designed systems
  • Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade services