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Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders
The Heart of a Network Surveillance Solution

Here at Vuetek we believe in an open architecture for our network surveillance solutions and steer clear of using proprietary hardware that locks you into a single manufacturers solution. For this reason all of the network video recorders that we offer, for mainstream applications, are based on industry standard PC architecture. They are built in house using top quality components from leading manufacturers. All units are fully tested in our workshops before delivery to customer sites.

Recording of video footage, particularly when dealing with megapixel cameras or a large number of cameras at high frame rates, is processor intensive and demanding of large volumes of storage. The off the shelf offerings from mainstream suppliers such as HP and IBM are obvious possibilities, but they are designed primarily for commercial applications and don’t ideally meet the requirements for processing power and high storage capacity in a single device. For those customers that do have a hardware preference we are quite happy to configure an appropriate solution using customer specified hardware.

To meet the specific demands of video surveillance we offer a range of custom designed and built network video recorders with integral storage capacities of up to 144TB. For even greater storage capacity external storage can be added.

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Network Video Management Software
The intelligence behind an effective Surveillance Solution

Vuetek are specialists in providing network based video surveillance solutions. We have searched the market to find surveillance management products that provide outstanding performance and reliability, ease of use and value for money solutions. Most importantly we have identified products that are hardware independent, run on industry standard PC hardware, and facilitate the use of cameras and network video servers from a wide range of manufacturers. Naturally no single product offers the ideal solution for every application and budget. Consequently we offer a range of products from a number of manufacturers each with their own specific features and benefits.

To enable us to extend the benefits of network based surveillance solutions to smaller applications that would have been previously cost prohibitive we offer solutions based on manufacturers software. This can provide very cost effective solution for smaller systems where being locked into a single manufacturers cameras is not an issue. Even systems with as few as two or three cameras are now feasible, providing all the benefits of a network solution at little extra cost over a conventional system.

avigilon network video recorder

Avigilon Control Centre, with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM), is the award winning high definition network video management solution that delivers full situation awareness and indisputable detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection. Avigilon Control Center is a secure distributed network platform with enterprise class reliability for capturing, managing, and storing high definition multi-megapixel surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage. With EPOS integration, Licence Plate Recognition and sophisticated event handling it provides a total security solution.


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