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Security for Nurseries & School CCTV & Access Control

Security for Nurseries & School CCTV & Access Control

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school cctv



Education CCTV

Security for Schools & Nurseries – School CCTV

Vuetek offer solutions for Nurseries and School CCTV, Door Entry & Access Control to safeguard your children and staff.

Providing a safe environment for students to learn is a top priority for all schools. School CCTV, Door Entry and Access Control is an effective measure to add to your overall security policy.


  • Monitor approaching visitors & control visitor access
  • Remotely monitor perimeters, secluded areas & exits
  • Protect exposed areas &¬†valuable property – ICT suite, Office records, medical room & chemicals
  • Parking management
  • Personnel tracking, time & attendance
  • Proximity cards for secure doors
  • Remote log-in to observe after-school events and monitor school use


  • Increased safety of staff and students
  • Offers peace of mind to staff, volunteers, pupils & parents
  • Creates safer environment and promotes responsible behaviour so you can stay focussed on learning
  • Deter potential wrong doers
  • Deters intruders during day and out of hours
  • Discourages disturbance and theft
  • Protect investment of premises & property
  • Reduce unauthorised absences
  • Can leads to reduced insurance premiums


  • Create safe and open environments by remove unwelcoming barriers and installing CCTV
  • Record the whole event to understand the cause of incidents and reduce the recurrence
  • Educate students and staff about the security procedures and policies to increase responsibility of all
  • Ensures measures are in place in the event of a problem
  • User-friendly systems for administrators rather than security professionals
  • Excellent search features for recorded footage generally not watched live

Why Vuetek stand out from the crowd:

  • Over 15 years experience
  • In-house designers advise you to secure your premises and design systems specifically for your requirements
  • Professional installers minimise disruption
  • Training provided
  • Support to play back incidents
  • After care maintenance offered
  • Reliable service provider – read more from testimonials

We offer:

  • Free on-site equipment demonstration
  • Advice & Support
  • Premises specific designed systems
  • Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade services