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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Video Analytics
Essential for Proactive Video Surveillance

Video Analytics – What is it?

Conventional CCTV systems record video footage either continuously, triggered by external sensors or using Video Motion Detection. All of these methods are quite indiscriminate in what they record making it difficult and extremely time consuming to analyse footage and identify significant events. Video analytics utilises powerful algorithms to first of all identify and classify objects: people, vehicles, animals… and then applying rules to define significant events. This can be done in real time to trigger alarms and instigate recording or used to identify defined events in previously recorded footage.

Video Analytics – What can it do?

  • Virtual Trip wire – Quite a simple event but also quite powerful in detecting classified objects (people, vehicles) straying into prohibited area or moving in the wrong direction along a one way route.
  • People/Vehicle Counting – How many people have entered your store in a given period and what percentage have actually purchased something. Is your nightclub full to capacity or can you allow more people in? How many vehicles have travelled down a road or entered a car park.
  • Loitering – People passing through an area can be quite a normal occurrence but someone loitering may represent a significant risk.
  • Erratic Movement – Someone walking to a car in a car park is quite normal, but someone moving erratically around one or more vehicles can well indicate criminal activity.
  • Converging People – It could be the innocent meeting of a group of friends but could it be a drug deal or a group of yobs about to start an incident. Similar technology can be used for detecting the build up of queues at an entrance or exit.
  • Diverging People – Rapidly diverging people generally indicate a significant event, a fire or an explosion possibly.
  • Abandoned Object – An unattended object left in a public area is considered suspicious and needs to generate a response.
  • Missing Object – Extremely useful in real time for monitoring such things as exhibits in a gallery or similar. Equally useful retrospectively for determining when an object is removed, maybe a PC stolen from an office for example.
  • Tailgating – Provides a method of detecting a person or vehicle trying to gain illegal entry past a control point by closely following an authorise person or vehicle.

We offer a range of video analytics products from a number of vendors including Aimetis, Alnet, Cernium, Geovision and Viasys. If you have a potential application give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we can advise on the most suitable solution.

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