Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vuetek Systems Policy. Find out more...

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Vuetek Systems Policy

Released 28/01/2020

Please note that our Policy is subject to review and update on a daily basis, as the Virus spreads and government advise is updated.

Our purpose

At Vuetek Systems we are actively applying measures to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. As more information comes to light, we at Vuetek Systems are continually looking for updates on COVID-19 and will keep in constant communications with our employees, customers, suppliers and the local communities we work within.

This Coronavirus policy is susceptible to change with the introduction of governmental guidelines, with the document being updated accordingly and emailed to all.

Vuetek Systems are doing everything to sustain a healthy and safe workplace and environment for all we come into contact with. It is important for us all to work together to respond responsibly to the health precautions and we assure you that all information communicated with us regarding the Coronavirus, will always be treated with the highest confidentiality and sensitivity.

Immediate Changes Implemented

  • Resources are available for emergency requirements.
  • We will attempt to resolve issues remotely wherever possible and this may involve asking our customers to carry out tasks under our guidance that we wouldn’t under normal circumstances expect.
  • If remote support is unsuccessful and a site visit by an engineer is required this can only take place with the following requirements:
    • The work environment must allow our engineers a minimum of 2 meters separation from others
    • The task required must be possible to complete whilst maintaining 2-meter separation.
    • The site is clear of any persons exhibiting any symptoms within 7 days and a deep clean has been carried out
    • The site is clear of any vulnerable persons to be shielded
    • We will no longer be asking ANY customer to sign any paperwork
  • We will do our best to protect you by regularly sanitising hands and maintaining safe distances. Please respect our staff by allowing them space to work and ensuring surfaces and areas have been sanitised prior to work commencing, where appropriate.
  • You must notify us if anyone is known to have or goes on to develop coronavirus symptoms or develops them within 14 days of work taking place.
  • To log any support requests please use the email