Access Control

Access Control

Access control & Door entry systems are electronic security solutions that can monitor, control and log the flow of people and vehicles in and around establishments.

Vuetek offer a comprehensive range of products and systems that enables us to offer solutions tailored to meet your individual requirements including…

  • Standalone door entry system using a keypad
  • Multi-site access management system
  • Biometric readers
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Audio or video door entry systems –  allowing operation of the door from one or more locations within the building
  • Keypads or proximity readers – allow operation of the door from outside the building enabling authorised persons to enter
  • Computer managed access control system


  • Electronic Keys are difficult to duplicate
  • Enables restricted access to safeguard documents, equipment, stock etc
  • Never have to change your locks again – lost keys or changes in personnel quickly and easily removed from your database. Reduces your risk by keeping control on your security
  • One access key can control many doors
  • Limit entry and protect against damage, theft and protect employees from harm
  • History logging to help with investigations
  • Customise access for every user. Manage for individual needs, day of the week and time of day access
  • Remote buzz in from a central location
  • Manage car parks
  • Generate fire rota
  • Improve staff management

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