Commercial CCTV

Vuetek Systems design bespoke Commercial CCTV systems so we cater to all businesses. Whatever your budget or requirements we offer reliable, professional and expert engineers to design and install the optimum security system offering maximum value and tangible results for your business.

Commercial CCTV – More than just crime!

Traditionally you might associate Commercial CCTV with Crime Prevention. With improvement in technology our systems are being installed for many uses including:

  • Identify health & safety risks by monitoring behaviour
  • Reduce the chance of abusive behaviour towards staff
  • Protect equipment and assets
  • View people flow or analyse images to improve sales
  • Meet insurance or regulatory requirements
  • Provide landlord security and tenant reassurance in communal areas
  • Reduce investigation times
  • Prevent against claims and resolve false liable claims
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide evidence in workplace disputes
  • Provide police with essential footage