Installation Services

Vuetek pride ourselves with high quality installation. A good CCTV system will rely on the right choice of cameras to provide good coverage and an expert installation. Our engineers will look for neat cable runs and secure connections.

We are proud to be SSAIB Certified which means that a certificate is provided to show the system is installed to the surveillance camera code of practise by an accredited installer. This may be required by your insurance company.

SSAIB check the following so that you don’t have to:

  • Screening of Personnel to the relevant British Standard
  • Competence and experience of both management and staff
  • Insurance cover is relevant to the level and nature of work undertaken
  • Premises are adequate for their activities, and that the security of documentation and records is protected.
  • That best-practice standards are maintained.
  • That sufficient staff and resources are employed to provide the services offered.
  • Compliance with all relevant standards and codes of practice; British or European.
  • Identity cards are carried.

We do not install equipment bought from other companies as we only install brands that we can offer product warranty and products that the engineers have been trained to install and support.

All installations come with an on-site warranty of 12 months and further manufacturer product warranty.